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About Us

All we wanted to do was tell people when the water was going to turn on. But what started out as a seemingly simple question asked by a few graduate students at the University of California, Berkeley turned into something much bigger, and more complex. Smartphones, data, and a few algorithms later, we're still trying to answer that question for urban residents around the globe in better and more intelligent ways. But this is what we know so far.

We love data. We think that data is powerful, which is why it's our goal to take water data and make it useful for the average citizen- people like your mom. Or your sister. We at NextDrop imagine a future where every citizen has access to critical pieces of information at their fingertips. and can not only receive that information, but tell us what they think about it. We imagine a world where every citizen has a voice, and can be heard- especially when things are going wrong. That's what we think of when we imagine smart cities of the future. A city where problems are solved even before people realize they exist, and interconnectedness is used to collaborate, co-create, and push the boundaries of what we think is humanly possible. Not waiting for water.

But at the end of the day, if you want to know about us, we're really a bunch of people who are just crazy enough to think we can actually make the world a better place.

nextdrop team