Missed call to mobilize your phone

If you have exceptional talents to offer NextDrop, We'd rather hear about what you'd like to do and co-create your dream job than stick to pre-determined, static job descriptions.

At the moment, we're particularly interested in folks who:

  1. Are excellent developers, intuitive communicators, hungry learners excited about creating technology to engage and harness the power of the next generation of online users. If you think you fit the bill, write to
  2. Are curious about human behavior and eager to experiment, have the ability to manage and scale our valvemen incentive program, and are capable of building lasting relationships with a range of community actors. If this sounds like you, talk to
  3. Are givers with a special talent for delighting people through the best customer experiences India has ever seen, are eager to create analytics to help us learn about every person and family interacting with our systems, and speak at least 2 Indian languages other than English, email

Hacker in training


NextDrop is expanding and looking for passionate individuals to join our growing tech team. You will specifically be working closely with our beloved Data Loving Hacker to create a seamless user experience for the customers who receive our SMS water alerts, while also creating custom web based technology for the water utility- to enable them to make data driven decisions. Your job will also entail being the guardian and keeper of all our data- which means looking after our custom built SMS/IVR system. Finally, you'll be making custom internal analytics to track all of the important pieces of information - so we can all figure out how to improve and grow our company.

You Should Apply For This Job If:

You are itching to make your ideas come to life, and create amazing products that have the ability to impact millions of lives. You can take a real world problem, and create a technical solution for it- the prospect of doing things nobody has ever done before excites you. You love data, and truly believe that making data driven decisions will help any organization succeed. You also love the details and have been criticized as being too much of a perfectionist- you won't let something pass if there's even an extra space between a comma and the next word. You love to travel, and you don't like to sit in the same place all the time. Similarly, you enjoy challenges, and love the prospect of doing different things every day. You also love the details: you record everything that goes right, AND everything that goes wrong so you can fix it next time. You believe in the hacker mentality: Fail fast, fail often, but learn every time. But most of all, you are simply passionate about making a real difference in the world, and will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

You're a match if:
  • You are a web development whiz, but more particularly, you love to use Python (Django web framework), HTML5, SCSS, JavaScript.
  • You and interactive maps (Leaflet, Google Maps API, etc.) are best friends (but you are also friends with the nginx web server).
  • REST APIs: No Problem.
  • Sysadmin and server management- piece of cake
  • Android or mobile is a plus but not required
If interested, email .