Missed call to mobilize your phone

For our Subscribers/Members

Join a connected community of engaged citizens ensuring the right information gets to the right person, at the right time. Upon enrolling, we'll work with you to ensure accurate communication through your preferred form of mobile technology-SMS, voice recordings, applications, email, or web.

Know when you're getting water, no matter where you are

We'll send an SMS alert to your preferred mobile phone at least 60 minutes before your tap will have water. One customer describes the experience as "the freedom to do what I want, when I want instead of being stuck at home, not knowing when I'm going to get water."

To sign up, missed call us at .We'll call you back to get your address and work with you to ensure you've been located correctly and are receiving accurate messages about water supply.

Subscription fees range from INR 10-25 per month, depending on your city. You can recharge your NextDrop membership at any Hubli Dharwad One or Bangalore One Centre. If you recharge for INR 120-250, you only have to make the trip once a year!

Report problems with your water supply and track the fix

Use NextDrop to report problems with your water supply, report damage to the system, and track what the utility is doing about your complaints. If you see a leak, report it by giving a missed call to . You'll receive SMS alerts when someone has been dispatched to fix the leak you reported and when it has been fixed.

For our Utility Partners

Join a club of forward-thinking, pioneering utilities leveraging mobile technology to communicate directly with customers and use their current resources more efficiently.

Unlock more from your existing resources

Through mobile technology, we provide real-time visibility into operations. Make decisions that increase efficiency and reduce costs with current resources, without installing additional hardware. By adapting to each staff member's technology familiarity, our propietary human+mobile+software trifecta allows every individual to make real-time decisions that save money, time, and build trust through increased customer satisfaction.

Collect, act on, and track customer feedback

We connect problems to the piped network so you have information on where to go and what to do as soon as a problem is reported. By utilizing our tracking+communication features, utilities demonstrate they care about customers, are taking steps to find a solution, and build trust through transparency.